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Showcasing the logo of one of our esteemed clients, a testament to the trust and partnerships Marketics has cultivated in Serbia's digital marketing and branding sphere. This emblem represents our collaborative journey, highlighting our dedication to amplifying brand identities and ensuring they resonate powerfully in the digital realm.


Case study:

By in collaboration with Lazar Mladenović

This case study showcases the successful collaboration between our marketing and branding agency and, a sales consulting company in need of rebranding and a comprehensive communication strategy. The client faced challenges related to brand identity and ineffective communication channels. By providing tailored solutions, we enabled to establish a strong brand identity and implement effective marketing tactics that resonated with their target audience.'s problems

Lack of a distinct brand identity: needed a fresh, cohesive brand identity to differentiate themselves from competitors and to connect with their target audience.


Ineffective communication channels: The client required a comprehensive communication strategy to effectively convey their values and engage with potential customers.


1. Brand Identity Development


Based on the market research, we created a brand strategy that differentiated from competitors and resonated with the target audience. We selected the "Magician" brand archetype, which embodied the company's transformative capabilities and expertise in unlocking potential within their clients' sales processes. The new brand identity included a cohesive logo, colors, shapes, and fonts that communicated the company's core values and emphasized their ability to create impactful, lasting change.

2. Comprehensive Communication Strategy


We developed a tailored communication strategy that addressed the client's need for effective messaging and engagement. This included:

a. Detailed buyer personas: These personas allowed us to better understand the ideal customers and tailor the communication strategy to their preferences.

b. Diverse promotional mix: We designed a promotional mix that included digital advertising, content marketing, social media, public relations, direct mail, influencer marketing, and networking events. This allowed to reach their target audience through multiple channels and increase the chances of engagement and conversion.

c. Campaign suggestions: We proposed two campaigns, The Negotiation Club and The Prospecting Lab, to showcase the client's expertise and provide value to their audience.

3. Branding 


We provided with a comprehensive brandbook containing the new logo, colors, shapes, fonts, and guidelines for consistent branding application across all marketing materials and touchpoints.


Increased brand awareness

The updated branding and communication strategy led to a noticeable increase in brand awareness among the target audiences. became more recognizable and memorable, leading to more inquiries from potential clients and increased interest in their services.


Enhanced credibility and reputation

The new brand positioning, personality, and tone of voice reinforced's expertise and approachability, resulting in improved credibility and reputation within the sales consulting industry.

Higher client satisfaction

The clearly defined target audience profiles, personas, and customer journey maps allowed to tailor their services more effectively to the needs and preferences of their clients. This led to higher satisfaction rates and more positive feedback from clients.

Increased conversion rates

The content strategy focused on engaging and relevant content for's target audiences, resulting in higher conversion rates. More businesses chose for their sales consulting needs, leading to increased revenue and growth for the company.

Stronger relationships with clients

The emphasis on building strong relationships with stakeholders, as reflected in the Sage archetype, fostered trust and loyalty between and their clients. This led to more repeat business, referrals, and a growing network of satisfied customers.

Improved employee engagement and morale

The rebranding and communication strategy not only impacted external stakeholders but also had a positive effect on's employees. The clear brand identity and purpose helped create a sense of unity and pride within the team.

The collaboration between and resulted in a successful rebranding and the development of a comprehensive communication strategy that addressed the client's main challenges. The new brand identity, along with the tailored communication approach, led to increased brand awareness, enhanced credibility, higher client satisfaction, and improved conversion rates. Additionally, the rebranding and communication strategy had a positive impact on's employees, fostering a sense of unity and pride.


This case study highlights the importance of a well-thought-out branding and communication strategy in positioning a company for success in a competitive market. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of, we were able to provide tailored solutions that not only resonated with their target audience but also contributed to the company's overall growth and success.

Constantin-Alexandre Papadopoulos

Co-Founder of

We have the pleasure to partner with her on our online communication journey since this January!

This collaboration mean for us:
1. She delivers on time high-quality content;
2. She has an eye for visuals (which we don’t); but most importantly
3. She challenges us on the purpose of our communication!

In a nutshell, if you want to work with a true professional who will challenge you and share the necessary insights to make the right digital communication decisions - connect with Milica!
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