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Showcasing our branding prowess, this image highlights the transformative brand identity crafted for FindIT by Marketics, Serbia's leading digital marketing and branding agency. A testament to our expertise, it captures the essence of FindIT while reflecting Marketics' commitment to elevating clients to new digital heights.


Case study: FindIT


FindIT, a thought-leading recruitment company, sought assistance in rebranding and developing a new communication strategy. Their goal was to enhance their positioning, brand personality, and tone of voice to better reflect their unique approach to recruitment. This case study explores the challenges faced by FindIT and highlights the solutions provided.

FindIT's problems

The company's existing branding and communication strategy did not adequately reflect their focus on personalized and professional recruitment services.

The brand personality and tone of voice needed to be updated to better convey their expertise and approachability.


1. Brand Analysis 


Our agency conducted a thorough brand analysis to understand FindIT's current positioning, personality, and tone of voice. As a result, the following improvements were proposed:

a. PositioningFindIT was positioned as a premium professional services provider, focusing on a tailored approach to recruitment based on psychological analysis and working closely with clients to understand their unique requirements.

b. Brand Personality: An approachable, professional, and expert brand personality was developed for FindIT, ensuring their reliability, trustworthiness, and expertise was communicated to clients and candidates.

c. Tone of Voice: A confident, friendly, and knowledgeable tone of voice was established for FindIT, building trust and credibility while remaining approachable.

2. Brand Archetype 


The Sage/Expert archetype was identified as the most appropriate for FindIT. Embracing this archetype allowed the company to convey reliability, trustworthiness, and expertise while building strong relationships with stakeholders.

3. Branding 


To align with the Sage/Expert archetype, a new branding strategy for FindIT was created that included:

a. Neutral colors such as white, grey, or forest green.

b. Clean and simple design elements.

c. Classic typography choices.

d. Imagery that conveys trust and expertise.

e. Emphasizing words like "Expertise", "Personalized", "Tailored", and "Reliable" in marketing materials.

4. Target Audience


We developed target audience profiles for FindIT that included:

a. Candidates: Job seekers looking for a personalized and efficient recruitment process, professionals with experience in various industries seeking new opportunities, and individuals who value a strong relationship with their recruitment consultant.

b. Clients: Companies and organizations in need of talent, business owners and HR managers looking for an efficient and effective recruitment process, and organizations that value a strong relationship with their recruitment partner.

5. Personas 

We developed personas for both target audiences, providing a detailed understanding of their needs, preferences, and motivations.

6. Customer Journey


We developed a customer journey map that outlined the touchpoints and interactions between FindIT and their target audiences, ensuring a seamless and positive experience.

7. Content Strategy


A content strategy was developed to create consistent, engaging, and relevant content for FindIT's target audiences, ultimately driving increased brand awareness and engagement.


Increased brand awareness

The updated branding and communication strategy led to a noticeable increase in brand awareness among the target audiences. FindIT became more recognizable and memorable, leading to more inquiries from both candidates and clients.


Enhanced credibility and reputation

The new brand positioning, personality, and tone of voice reinforced FindIT's expertise and approachability, resulting in improved credibility and reputation within the industry.

Higher client and candidate satisfaction

The clearly defined target audience profiles, personas, and customer journey maps allowed FindIT to tailor their services more effectively to the needs and preferences of their clients and candidates. This led to higher satisfaction rates and more positive feedback from both groups.

Increased conversion rates

The content strategy focused on engaging and relevant content for FindIT's target audiences, resulting in higher conversion rates. More candidates and clients chose FindIT for their recruitment needs, leading to increased revenue and growth for the company.

Stronger relationships with clients and candidates

The emphasis on building strong relationships with stakeholders, as reflected in the Sage/Expert archetype, fostered trust and loyalty between FindIT and their clients and candidates. This led to more repeat business, referrals, and a growing network of satisfied customers.

Improved employee engagement and morale

The rebranding and communication strategy not only impacted external stakeholders, but also had a positive effect on FindIT's employees. The clear brand identity and purpose helped to create a sense of unity and pride within the team, resulting in higher employee engagement and motivation.

The rebranding and communication strategy project for FindIT proved to be highly successful, yielding significant positive results for the company. The increased brand awareness, enhanced credibility, and improved relationships with clients and candidates contributed to the company's growth and success. This case study demonstrates the value of a well-executed rebranding and communication strategy for businesses looking to strengthen their brand identity and effectively convey their message and values to their target audience.

Jelena Radojković

Founder & CEO at FindIT

Milica, as an associate, provides professionalism and timeliness, and willingness to learn, develop, listen and implement.
She gives the process new energy and invites the interlocutor to be creative and step out of the comfort zone.
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